The story of Byron doorbells

Byron, opening doors for over 100 years

Since 1904, C.H.Byron has been at the forefront of the door entry industry. Founder Charles Hands designed and manufactured traditional brass and porcelain bell pushes as well as many period doorbells, including the speaking tube. Byron has developed a proud reputation spanning over a century and continues to be passionate about introducing new technologies.

Fast forward to the 1990’s where Byron established some of the most innovative products of the time; including one of the first wireless doorbell ranges of portable, plugin, plug through and twin packs, creating a solution for any modern household.

Byron has never forgotten the more traditional ranges and to this day still has a range of classic wired doorbells and cast iron mechanical bells.

Entering the 21st Century, Byron continues to stay connected to future generations, with the latest range of Wi-Fi doorbells, offering state of the art technology, the FREE Smartwares View App and NO subscription charges.

Byron allows families to maintain their ever-busy lifestyles with more flexibility and security than ever before.

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