Which wireless doorbell suits you?

Did you know that ...

Are you not sure which wireless doorbell you need to choose? Byron understands that choosing your doorbell is not day-to-day business. Therefore, we have summed up the most important features of wireless doorbells.

Choose your wireless doorbell color
  • Cheaper batteries may provide insufficient charge?

    Wireless doorbells require alkaline or lithium batteries. Carbon zinc batteries have insufficient power to receive the wireless signal. Therefore, take care to use high quality batteries.
  • Installing Byron doorbells is super easy?

    All Wireless doorbells sets come with double-sided tape, so you can easily stick the push button to your doorframe.
  • Our wireless signal is very strong

    Byron's wireless doorbells have over 150.000 codes to avoid interference, leaving your with a pure uninterrupted signal.
  • Byron's designs are developed in-house?

    Our user-friendly exclusive designs are carefully crafted in-house ensuring every little detail meets the highes and actual standards.

Consider before you buy wireless doorbells

Wireless range.

New homes are better isolated to make them more energy efficient. However it has a negative impact on the range of the wireless chimes. Choose a larger ragne to ensure coverage for your home

Sound quality.

Enjoy pure, digital, high quality sounds. Look for three stars to lock in the best quality you need.

Melody options.

Want to personalise your doorbell with a unique melody? Our models come with 8, 16 or 36 melody options.

Sound levels.

Volume is measured in decibel (dB). The higher the decibel rating, the louder the volume. Byron has limited the sound levels to 90 dB as 100+ can result in hearing impairment.

BY compatible.

Do you want to expand your doorbell set? Add a doorbell for upstairs, your garage or backyard. You can also simply add a bell push button for the backdoor. Choose BY compatible products to create your own doorbell set, which all cooperate seamlessly.

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