Which door intercom suits you?

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Are you not sure which intercom system you need to choose? Byron understands that choosing between a wired and wireless intercom is not day-to-day business. And after you have made the choice there are still plenty of options. Therefore, we have summed up the most important features of intercoms.

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  • Our apps for our intercoms are free to use?

    You don't have to worry about additional fees for apps that come with our intercoms, because there are none! Our apps are free; you don't have to pay for data storages.
  • Installing Byron intercoms is super easy?

    Thanks to our clear instruction manuals and videos, the installation of our intercoms is really easy. Scan the QR- code for quick access to our installation videos on YouTube.
  • Most of our intercoms are expandable?

    You can expand many of our intercoms with an extra monitor, so you will never miss a visitor. As a result, you can open the door at any place in your home and use it for internal communication.
  • Byron's designs are developed in-house?

    Our user-friendly exclusive designs are carefully crafted in-house ensuring every little detail meets the highes and actual standards. View three of our most popular intercoms below!

What is the difference between wired & wireless?

Wireless intercoms

Wireless intercoms

Choose a WIRELESS intercom
if you want a simple, wire-free installation.

Wireless range.

New homes are better isolated to make them more energy efficient. However it has a negative impact on the range of the wireless chimes. Choose a larger range to ensure coverage for your home.

Easy installation.

Thanks to the wireless connection, these intercoms are very easy to install. The portable monitor can be taken with you anywhere in and around the house. As an extra option, the outdoor unit can always be connected through wiring.

Photo and video recording.

Store the pictures or videos you have taken on your intercom. For some items the intercoms can even automatically record when the doorbell is pressed. This way you will always know or remember who was at your door. Our apps store unlimited photos and videos, and are also stored on the phone itself.

Wired intercoms

Wired intercoms

Choose a WIRED intercom
for a secure and easy to install solution. 

Wired range.

The benefit of a wired intercom is the signal strength and you never have to charge the batteries. Keep in mind that you have to drill in your walls when installing a wired intercom.


Thanks to built-in RFID-systems in the intercoms you can open the frontdoor or entrance gate with the use of RFID-tags. In that way you can come in by just swiping one of your tags past the outside-unit.

WIFI supported:

Get a notification on your mobile device with our free Android or iOS apps. This way you can see, hear and speak to your visitors wherever you are. (Note: not available on every Byron intercom model)

Byron DIC-22815 Wireless video intercom

Byron DIC-22815 Wireless video doorphone

This wireless video intercom system has a 4.3” portable screen, a range of 200 metres and a rechargeable battery for both the indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit has a VGA camera with 2 metre night vision. Expandable with an extra monitor..

Byron DIC-24112 Wired video doorphone

DIC-24112 Wired video doorphone

This video intercom system has a 7” touchscreen. The small outdoor unit is suitable for every door, has a 720p camera with night vision, RFID access to open the door with the included tags and video/photo recording function on a MicroSD.

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