Wired doorbells & pushes

The Byron classic wired doorbell range offers a more traditional feel to your door entry from the classic ding dong to the mechanical butlers bell, Byron has something for everyone.
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Byron 00.640.79 779 Wired doorbell
Item No. 00.640.79
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Byron 00.640.80 771 Wired doorbell
Item No. 00.640.80
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Byron 00.640.81 772 Wired doorbell
Item No. 00.640.81
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Byron 00.640.82 776 Wired doorbell
Item No. 00.640.82
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Byron 00.640.85 7721 Wired doorbell
Item No. 00.640.85
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Byron 00.640.86 1210 Wired doorbell
Item No. 00.640.86
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Byron 00.640.87 1219 Wired doorbell
Item No. 00.640.87
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Byron 00.640.88 1217 Wired doorbell set
Item No. 00.640.88
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Byron 10.002.68 Wired built-in bell push button
Item No. 10.002.68
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    Modern Wired Doorbells

    Byron has a wide range of modern designed wired doorbells. With options such as battery and transformer powered, individual units, full kits, replacement chime units.

    Traditional Wired Doorbells

    Bring a touch of tradition to your home with the Byron traditional wired range of doorbells from butlers bells, to underdome bells, we have a style for any home.

    Wired Doorbell Accessories

    Our range of simple, stylish and practical wired bell pushes includes metal or plastic finishes, as well as having illuminated options.

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